How Motherhood Brought Me Closer to God

The most significant event of a woman’s life is to deliver the birth of her child. From the start of the child’s birth, every single aspect of the woman’s child has changed. Motherhood would affect your priorities to your relationship with God. But, motherhood does not hinder it. Being a mother can bring you closer to God.

Being a mother makes you understand the unconditional love of God

The moment your child is born, it makes you realize how great and unconditional God’s love is. It is challenging for mothers to take care of their newborn. Yet, these children don’t have to do anything to earn their mother’s love.

It makes mothers realize that the imperfect love they can give to their children is great. But how incredibly greater can be the perfect love of God?

It makes mother realize how incredibly great the perfect love of God is. The mothers were able to see this through the imperfect love they have given to their children.

It makes you honor your parents in new and unexpected ways

When we were still a child, we often hear “honor your mother and father”. It has been a clever technique to discipline children. As we have become a mom, it made us understand how to properly raise and mold the next generation.

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