Are Bounce Houses Safe for Kids? Questions to Ask Before You Rent…

Kid’s birthday parties should always be a fun time for the kids, and while we know they may be a stressful time for the parents (with all the organizing, phone calls, preparation, and expenses), it should definitely not be a situation where you have to worry about safety in any major way.

However with the popularity of bounce houses around the country, which are rented regularly for all types of parties and events for kids (and even adults), it might surprise you that there has been some serious concerns about the safety of these installations.

As parents, we’ve had plenty of experience with these.  Just this past summer we utilized bounce house rentals long island and got ourselves a large bounce castle for our sons 7th birthday.  He had a blast, all his friends came over, and it was all around a good time.  We didn’t know at the time that there were so many issues around the country.

While we had a great experience and everything went well, in hindsight there are a few things we would have liked to ask our provider before deciding on the deal.  Questions such as:

  • Have you had any major safety/medical issues in the past year?
  • Are your bounce houses regularly inspected for safety?
  • Do you tie down your bounce houses to the ground (for the infamous “flying bounce house” story)?
  • How many kids should be allowed in the bounce house at one time?
  • What are the procedures for an injury, or other events such as deflation of the bounce house?

What do you think? Have you had any experience with bounce houses, good or bad? Let us know in the comments!

Catholic Mom’s Guide: How to Bring Child Closer to God

Every mother wants to provide their child a religious upbringing and help their children closer to God. Today, it is common for children to have lack of respect, faith and nobility. Values that are found in people who are closer to God. As a mother, here are ways to bring your children closer to God.

Bring the child to mass

It is best to bring your child on a regular basis to mass. It will motivate them to be a good person as they learn the life and teachings of our Creator.

Pray with them

It is important to teach them to pray before they go to sleep. It makes them treat God as their best friend whom they can trust.

Teach them to say grace at the table

Before you partake the blessing on your table, tell your children to say grace as an act of gratitude.

Teach them the value of forgiveness

One of the most valuable lesson that a person can learn is to learn how to forgive. It is normal for a human to make mistakes, and we must know how to forgive.

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